Smokin' Aces Photography | About
As a Photographer, I take pride in being the one to be there, capturing the essence of someones moment in life. My passion grew out of watching my daughter develop as a figure skater from the moment she stepped on the ice, to this very day. It was nurished by the many parents that would often come to me saying I took fantastic pictures with my little Handycam, and urged me to try it professionally. Thanks to all the skaters whom I spend my days around and thier parents, I have found my calling.

My desire today is to further develop my abilities not only as a Action/Sports Photographer, but a Lifestyle Photographer where my vision and gift can be shared with the world in all it's uniqueness and glory. To be the one that will share in "The Essence of Your Moments" for years to come.

I am an avid Canon DSLR user and Graphic/(former)Web Designer. In conjunction with my Sports work, I am a Member of USFSA (US Figure Skating Association). As a Member of USFSA, along with my Daughter, I have had the distinct HONOR of being the Official Photographer of the 2012 National and International Theatre on Ice Champions the Houston Starz Theatre on Ice team for several years and the Official Photographer of the Aerodrome Willowbrook in Houston, Texas.

Today I work along side a number of Entertainment media outlets and performing artists. I cover much of the revival of the Vintage era entertainment such as Burlesque, 40's & 50's era Pin-up, Rockabilly concerts, & Vintage Car shows. In working along these areas I now offer a new way to enjoy your Family Portraits...Reto style! Break out the Poodle skirts and's time to have fun again!!

I now after many hard lessons and guidance from a number of Master Photographers over the past 5 years, have gained many new views and abilities to further provide my clients with the best possible memories to cherish and share with their families and friends.